PR Central consists of Central Michigan University undergraduate students majoring in a variety of studies including integrative public relations, broadcasting, journalism or communications. We provide hands on experience for all staff members by partnering account executives and consultants with one of our clients.

Courtney Jerome Media:
Account Executive: Jozlyn Gauthier

Assistant Account Executive: Rachel Casaccia

Assistant Account Executive: Rose Tibbott

Consultant: Chantel Maczorowski

Intern: Dakota Schlafley


IPR Council 

Account Executive: Bailey Talaska

Assistant Account Executive: Jacob Czopek 

Consultant: Victoria Spencer

Best Forevers Podcast

Account Executive: Kamryn Lowler

Assistant Account Executive: Sara Strohschein

Consultant: Madison Topolinski

Consultant: Julia Szwarc

Ignite Donuts
Account Executive: Andy Glezen

Assistant Account Executive: David Lint

Intern: Mike Metiva

Intern: Barbara Garcia


Media Behavior Research with Will Anderson 

Account Executive: Cassie Malhado

Account Executive: Natalie Batten

Doherty Hotel​​ and Big Brothers Big Sisters
Account Executive: Gina O'Neil

Assistant Account Executive: Alexis Thompson

Consultant: Nahum Tesfai



​Account Executive: Julia Lammy

Assistant Account Executive: Nicholas Raymond

Assistant Account Executive: Rebecca Brown

End the Stigma

Account Executive: Lauren Brewer

Assistant Account Executive: Olivia Sheffer

Consultant: Taylor Gribble

Consultant: Christine Seo

Consultant: Sophie Schulte