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Applications for PR Central open at the end of every semester. Every member must re-apply to ensure the highest quality of work. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us

Chief Executive Officer of PR Central 


​Suggested courses completed: IPR 101, JRN 202, JRN 302, JRN 350, BCA 210​ along with previous PR Central executive board experience

Must be a paid member of PRSSA


The CEO of PR Central is a member who exemplifies dedication and leadership towards the organization. Duties include organizing and leading all PR Central meetings, representing PR Central at the CMU PRSSA executive board meetings, managing all account executives and clients and ultimately driving PR Central further. 

The CEO of PR Central demonstrates constant public relations professionalism and represents his/herself as an example for all staff members.

Executive Board Positions


​Suggested courses completed: IPR 101, JRN 202, JRN 302, JRN 350, BCA 210 along with previous PR Central experience 

Must be a paid member of PRSSA

Executive board positions include Vice President of Operations, Director of Internal Relations, Director of Finances, Director of Membership, Director of Digital Communications. Positions are specified in more detail on the executive board page.

All board members are responsible for negotiating executive decisions within PR Central. They assist the CEO of PR Central and are leaders within the organization.

Account Executives


​Suggested courses completed: IPR 101, JRN 202, JRN 302, JRN 350, BCA 210 along with previous PR Central experience​

Must be a paid member of PRSSA

Account executives are responsible for organizing specified client accounts and leading their account team on calendar deadlines. They maintain their accounts through clear objectives, and delegate work throughout their team in order to meet the needs of their clients. ​

Account executives primary duty is to uphold constant communication between PR Central and their clients. They are responsible for cc-ing all e-mail communication between account members and their clients to the CEO of PR Central. All executives should meet with their account teams and client once a week.



Suggested courses completed: IPR 101 and JRN 202

Must be a paid member of PRSSA


Consultants provide and assist account teams with ideas, work and constant contribution towards the public relations plan for their clients. They produce and organize all tactics agreed upon by the clients and account executives​.


Consultants meet regularly with their account executives and clients.

PR Central Interns


​Must be enrolled in IPR 101 to apply for an internship position

Must be a paid member of PRSSA


PR Central offers internship positions for students interested in learning more about PR Central and the profession of public relations. Interns will assist tasks designated by the executive board for PR Central. They will have the opportunity to observe and participate in the PR Central process while learning more about client work.

Interns consist of primarily freshmen who have not yet completed IPR 101 and JRN 202. However, any student new to the IPR program is welcome to apply. ​

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