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PR Central is a nationally affiliated, student-run public relations firm located on the campus of Central Michigan University. We provide students with hands-on opportunities to work with clients in a variety of fields ranging from non-profit to technology. Members gain portfolio pieces as well as real-life experience of working in a public relations firm.



PR Central began in 2001 by a group of Central Michigan University students interested in creating more opportunities for public relations students to gain hands-on experience before graduation. 

Since then, the organization has worked with a variety of clients in the Michigan area and produced real results through our work. 

PR Central aims to continually grow in the future by expanding the amount of staff members and clients it works with.

Client Work


PR Central offers their time and dedication to organizations interested in utilizing its work. Staff members have worked with clients producing promotional materials including media releases, event planning, design work, media relations, social media and media pitching. 

PR Central offers public relations work at a free, volunteer basis. The organization is interested in working with clients who offer students hands-on experience and are eager to provide students the opportunity to learn.

If you are an organization interested in utilizing PR Central see the contact page.

Membership Qualifications


All members of PR Central should be a student studying at Central Michigan University. In order to join students should

  1. Be a paid member of CMU's chapter of PRSSA

  2. Have a GPA of at least a 2.7/4.0

  3. Completed IPR 101

Students can apply to be a consultant, account executive or executive board member if they meet the above qualifications. Freshmen interested in learning more about PR Central can apply for one of our internship positions, which will allow you to learn more about PR Central while completing IPR 101. 


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